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PowerHouse Possibilities for Homeowners

With more than twenty years of contracting experience in the San Diego area, PowerHouse Green Construction is your go-to resource for incredible outdoor contracting results delivered safely and with your total satisfaction in mind.

Transform Your Outdoor Space with A Patio Cover

As the top outdoor deck and custom patio contractor in the San Diego area, PowerHouse Green Construction is the perfect team to call when you’re considering a new custom patio cover to turn your outdoor space into the place to be all year round.

Why Choose An Exterior Lifetime Coating?

Homeowners throughout the San Diego area have a decision to make every few years – whether to paint or not to paint. No one likes painting their home’s exterior in the hot summer sun and no one enjoys spending time up a ladder balancing everything while they try to work.

Pavers Offer Homeowners A World of Choices

Are you a San Diego homeowner or residential property owner considering sprucing up your home’s exterior with pavers? Whether for a new pathway, a stairway, a patio or a retaining wall, pavers can turn your exterior into a whole new world without the need to make it permanent with concrete pouring.

Benefits of Synthetic Grass in SoCal

Over the last decade or more, residents and homeowners throughout the San Diego area have experienced the drought that’s still hammering the state and know what type of toll it takes on their exterior. From water rationing to repressive heat, the soil is just tasked with too much and oftentimes it leads to unsightly bald spots, cracked surfaces and worse.

Green Construction for Home Remodels & Additions

Whether it’s to take care of an existing problem once and for all or simply to create a new space that your home has needed for some time, remodeling and home additions should be an exciting time for homeowners – especially when they choose to work with a “green” contractor like PowerHouse Green Construction.

The Green Outdoor Living Space of Your Dreams

At PowerHouse Green Construction, we know how important it is for San Diego homeowners to take full advantage of their living space – both inside and out. That’s why we offer the full package when it comes to outdoor living spaces, as well as the indoor services you expect from a “green” general contractor.

Why Choose A Green Roofing Contractor?

As a “green” roofer ourselves, we believe we’re the ideal people to answer this question. Why? Because we know it better than anyone else, that’s why. And because we believe in it from the front office to every licensed and insured professional we employ. Being a “green” contractor means you want to deliver the finest finished products but do it with a twist – a twist that we fell adds more than efficiency and durability to what we build.

The Benefits of Green Construction

Nowadays, we’ve all heard the term “green” tossed around to cover a great many things – construction being one of them. But what is “green” construction? What does “green” mean in this kind of work? At PowerHouse Green Construction, “green” means everything to us as you can tell from our name. In fact, we believe so strongly in the benefits of “green” construction for homeowners in the San Diego area that it’s all we offer!

Roofing & Solar: A Perfect Mix

Today, energy prices keep climbing and it’s not really clear if that’s ever going to change. And if you’ve spent any time at all as a homeowner is the San Diego area you know the temperatures keep swinging higher too. That’s a recipe for sky-high energy bills in the years to come unless you take steps today to prevent it. What steps, you ask? That’s easy.

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