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PowerHouse Possibilities for Homeowners

With more than twenty years of contracting experience in the San Diego area, PowerHouse Green Construction is your go-to resource for incredible outdoor contracting results delivered safely and with your total satisfaction in mind. Transforming a home’s exterior is what we specialize in and where we excel beyond any other contractor you’ll find in Southern California. And the options we offer homeowners run the gamut – from simple projects to wholly reworking the outdoor space. So, to be clear let’s go over some of what’s available from PowerHouse.

You Want A Backyard Patio? We Can Do It!

Custom outdoor decks and patios are right up our alley! We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners design and install, repair and replace decks of all shapes and sizes, so you can rest easy knowing we’ll take care of the work with care, precision and skill using the finest products and materials in the industry. Seriously, there’s no one better for patios and decks including:

  • Concrete Patios
  • Paver Patios
  • Wood Decks
  • Composite Decks

How About A New Retaining Wall? We Do That Too!

As concrete experts – and paver experts too – we’re the ideal choice for homeowners in need of custom retaining walls on their property. Each and every one of our licensed and insured crews bring decades of combined retaining wall experience to the project and offer free recommendations along with our estimates. Our retaining wall services include:

  • Retaining Wall Installation
  • Retaining Wall Repair
  • Retaining Wall Maintenance

Want to Stop Watering the Lawn? We Install Synthetic Grass!

With temperatures soaring and rain seeming to come less and less frequently, synthetic grass is an amazing way to keep your home’s exterior looking its best year round – without the need for watering, mowing, trimming or any of the other things associated with a living lawn. We’re happy to provide detailed estimates and synthetic grass answers whenever you’re ready for them, but here’s a sampling of what you get from synthetic grass:

  • No need for watering!
  • Never mow the lawn again!
  • Beautiful and green year round!
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear!

Believe It Or Not, There’s So Much More We Can Do!

Did you really think we were finished? well, we’re not even close! In fact, we didn’t even mention our two of our most popular services – pavers for walkways, stairs and pool decks and exterior coatings that will keep you from ever painting your home again. Here’s a complete rundown of our available outdoor services just in case you’re looking for more than what we’ve described so far:

So, when you’re ready to start planning how best to turn your home’s outdoor space into a destination for the whole family just reach out to the team at PowerHouse Green Construction for impeccable customer service, outstanding results and affordable prices. With estimates for every service we offer coming at no charge, there’s absolutely no reason not to call (619) 971-2619 or send in a completed contact form to schedule the best time for a visit from our highly skilled and respected team!

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