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Green Construction for Home Remodels & Additions

Green Construction for Home Remodels & Additions

Whether it’s to take care of an existing problem once and for all or simply to create a new space that your home has needed for some time, remodeling and home additions should be an exciting time for homeowners – especially when they choose to work with a “green” contractor like PowerHouse Green Construction. Why. That’s easy. With our help, they’ll be able to design a new space they’ll adore – a space that comes with all the creature comforts they dream of – without the “cheap” or “heavy-handed” approach favored by so many contractors.

Why Go Green with Remodeling & Additions?

Okay, this is the easiest question ever. Green construction means more efficient construction. It means more flexible approaches to solving problems. It means using less to do more without cutting corners. It means focusing on durability, reliability and efficiency all the time – from planning to design to implementation. The green focus is always on and has an impact on everything from the products and materials to the techniques we employ. Oh, and it’s good for your conscience too. After all, much of the materials used come from recycled or repurposed materials that would have gone to a landfill – again with no dip in quality or reliability.

What’s Different in Green Remodeling & Additions?

A better question would be what’s not different when comparing traditional construction to “green” construction. At PowerHouse Green, this means we come at the project a bit differently and think about things that most probably don’t. These include all of the following:

  • What can we repurpose or reclaim: Yes, we think about this when we visit a property for a consultation. It might surprise you to learn that much of a home’s interior – from the cabinets to the doors to the fixtures – may find use in another space or even the new space if it can be reworked to fit. This can save time, money and resources and that’s a win for you as the customer and the environment. Of course, we can go with all new materials but we’ll still try to guide you to the most efficient and effective “green” solutions for your home remodeling or addition project. It’s what we do!

  • We share specialty guides with you: To help illustrate the amazing products and materials available today, we can showcase the best “green” solutions for your home remodeling or addition project. This includes cabinets, doors, windows, insulation and more. That’s where our decades of experience comes in handy. Our team has worked with every major product and material used in the “green” construction industry and can lead you to the ideal one for your specific needs. We’ll make recommendations, provide insight and let you make the final decision for your home.

  • We plan for the future in our designs: In order to ensure that our designs deliver for the long-term, our team constantly researches new products and materials to be certain our customers get the very best “green” solutions available today. We’re dedicated to lowering environmental impacts and our customers energy bills so why not give us the opportunity to do the same for you with a well-thought-out and designed home remodel or addition – be it a kitchen, a bathroom, a family room or anything else you can dream up!

There’s Nothing to Lose by Going Green!

When you decide to pursue your home remodeling or addition project, do yourself a favor by including PowerHouse Green Construction in the contractors you reach out to for a consultation. With just one call to (619) 971-2619, or by submitting a contact form, you’ll be connected with the #1 “green” construction team in the San Diego area. They’ll be happy to provide you with all the information you need about the “green” options we can provide and how they can benefit you, your family and your pocketbook for years to come!

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