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Roofing & Solar: A Perfect Mix

Roofing & Solar: A Perfect Mix


Today, energy prices keep climbing and it’s not really clear if that’s ever going to change. And if you’ve spent any time at all as a homeowner is the San Diego area you know the temperatures keep swinging higher too. That’s a recipe for sky-high energy bills in the years to come unless you take steps today to prevent it. What steps, you ask? That’s easy. You contact PowerHouse Green Construction and start a conversation with our award-winning team about how a solar system and new “green” roof can change your thinking on energy efficiency forever.

Now, let’s look at what makes “green” roofing and solar technology the perfect formula for environmentally friendly, energy responsible living in Southern California. We’ll stick to the three biggest reasons to call on PowerHouse here and let you go over the rest during your free consultation with our team. So, let’s dive in!

“Green” Reason #1: A solar system for your home is just common sense. We see an awful lot of sunshine here in the San Diego area and that translates to huge savings for you and your family. Seriously, you could turn your electric bill into something to celebrate, instead of something you want to burn at first sight. Enough studies have been done now to prove the efficacy of solar, so there’s really no reason to stick to the old ways of powering your home.

“Green” Reason #2: The cost of a quality solar system for your home has come way down over the last decade. That reduction in cost has only accelerated so now is the ideal time to choose a new solar system and “green” roofing combination for your home. Plus, there are lucrative tax breaks attached in many cases so it pays to turn to an energy efficient system – not to mention it’ll pay for itself over time!

“Green” Reason #3: The team at PowerHouse Green Construction is the final reason to choose a solar system and green roof combo for your San Diego area home. See, we’re more than just the top-rated “green” contractor in the area. We’re a family company – owned and operated – that cares about the work we do and the people we do it for. Our two decade history of excellent service is all you need to know about our commitment to “green” construction and great work!

So, don’t put off learning more about solar technology and “green” roofing solutions from PowerHouse Green Construction. We offer free, no-pressure solar and roofing consultations with our licensed and insured team. There you’ll have the opportunity to ask all your questions and get clear, honest pricing for whatever solar solution you’re interested in. Call (619) 971-2619 or use our convenient contact form to submit your information and we’ll help you schedule the best time for a visit from the PowerHouse team!

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