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Why Choose An Exterior Lifetime Coating?

Homeowners throughout the San Diego area have a decision to make every few years – whether to paint or not to paint. No one likes painting their home’s exterior in the hot summer sun and no one enjoys spending time up a ladder balancing everything while they try to work. It’s not a glamour job by any means but it needs to be done to keep your home looking its best – not to mention keeping it safe from moisture, algae, mold and insects.

It doesn’t have to be this way you know. You can have a beautiful, protected home for as long as you own it when you choose an exterior lifetime coating from PowerHouse Green Construction over traditional paint. It’s true. The amazingly effective exterior lifetime coatings from PowerHouse can handle anything the environment throws at them and they’re “greener” too since they’re used once and not repeatedly.

Exterior lifetime coatings from PowerHouse Green Construction have additional benefits as well. These include all of the following:

  • They eliminate the need for painting forever.
  • They keep contaminants and pests from your home.
  • They help to cover cracks and slight imperfections.
  • They’re incredible flexible and can work on any surface.
  • They increase property values because they work long-term.

There’s even more to recommend exterior lifetime coatings from PowerHouse Green Construction and our licensed and insured professionals will be happy to outline all the reasons for you during your free exterior lifetime coating estimate visits. If you need additional services, don’t forget to ask about any of the following while we’re there:

With painting being such a chore and exterior lifetime coatings saving you from ever having to do it again, why not give the licensed, insured and highly experienced team at PowerHouse Green Construction a call at (619) 971-2619 to get started. Or just fill out one of our simple and convenient contact forms to schedule a free estimate visit! It’s a quick process, it’s minimally intrusive and it’s incredibly affordable when compared to traditional painting year after year. So, what are you waiting for? Make the call today!

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