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Why Choose A Green Roofing Contractor?

Why Choose A Green Roofing Contractor?

As a “green” roofer ourselves, we believe we’re the ideal people to answer this question. Why? Because we know it better than anyone else, that’s why. And because we believe in it from the front office to every licensed and insured professional we employ. Being a “green” contractor means you want to deliver the finest finished products but do it with a twist – a twist that we fell adds more than efficiency and durability to what we build. It includes responsibility as well and that’s something we’re extremely proud of to be honest. From our five-star reviews, our customers are proud of it too!

The #1 Reason to Hire “Green” Roofers

Clearly, most people are initially attracted to a “green” approach to roofing when they find out how much they can save over time by choosing the right contractor with the right materials. That’s where the PowerHouse pros come in. We’ve been roofing the “green” way for decades, so you can count on us for the most energy efficient products and materials – not to mention an environmentally sensitive approach to the jobsite and waste material. You’d be surprised how much can be diverted from landfills if the contractor takes a little time to do it right. PowerHouse Green Construction does it right.

The #2 Reason to Choose Green Roofing

Yes, there’s more than simple energy efficiency at stake when it comes to choosing a roofing contractor. A “green” roofer will always have that in mind when discussing the best materials for your needs. But they’ll also be considering durability as a deciding factor. See, many of the materials we use at PowerHouse Green Construction are actually better for their intended purposes than traditional materials. That means they last monger, require less maintenance and, therefore, cost less over time. That’s means a sound “green” decision keeps on giving year after year!

Reason #3 for Picking A “Green” Roofing Team

Okay, the final reason – though in actual fact there are many, many more – is that a “green” roof is going to pay dividends that you might not see on any bill – at least for some time to come. If the climate keeps getting warmer and dryer, and the costs of heating and cooling your home continue to rise, a “green” roofing contractor may be the best chance you have at beating whatever climate changes are to come – both from a quality of life perspective and the costs associated with owning a home in the San Diego area. Better to plan ahead and go “green” in every way you can!

Get “Green” Roofing Facts from PowerHouse

When it’s time to decide on a roofing contractor for your San Diego area home, include the team from PowerHouse Green Construction in your estimates so that you can learn more about how our approach to roofing beats all others in the market today. The prices are fantastic, the durability is off the charts and the reduction to your heating and cooling costs will have you seeing “green” all the way to the bank. Call (619) 971-2619 or use our contact form to get started with a free “green” roofing consultation!

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